Cloaked In Decay

by Grethor

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Travis Niemeyer
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Travis Niemeyer Macabre and adventurous structures with acceptable technicality (no over-wankery), with vocals that are maniacal and sick enough to give me an instant grin. This is a different kind of blackened, deathy, extreme metal that I wish was more common.
Jimmy McNulty
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Jimmy McNulty Avant garde black metal for sure! Mix in some skronk, killer guitar solos, and inhuman vocals; and you've got Virginia's best unsigned band! Favorite track: Hemispheres Decaying.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) A discordant jumble of a mess played by an army of evil clowns. The mathy drum work is a beautiful cacophony of blastbeats and general madness. The vocals are a swarm of rabid crows pecking each other to death. And I love it. Full review on Favorite track: Somnia Malum Infinitum.
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Cloaked In Decay takes both traditional and avant-garde black metal and fuses it with a chaotic barrage of dark death metal riffs, laced with hooks and grooves. This five track EP offers Grethor's most diverse, compelling release yet, complete with crushing doom riffs, high-octane blasting and bleak melodic passages.

The EP's lyrics are inspired by the 1895 novel “The King in Yellow” by Robert W. Chambers: a series of short stories, of which four of them are about the eponymous forbidden play that spurs despair and insanity to those who read it. Cloaked In Decay also warns of the ills of religion, man’s existential crises and cosmic horror.


released April 21, 2015

Drums tracked at “Lady of Noise” in Frederick, MD August 2014
Engineered by Jason Hiner

Guitars and bass tracked in Ashburn, VA at Anthony’s Studio and Bethesda, MD at Simon’s Studio
September 2014 – January 2015

Vocals tracked in Takoma Park, MD and McLean, VA
Reamped and mixed in Bethesda, MD December 2014-January 2015
Engineered by Simon Callahan
Additional engineering by Joseph Mitra
Mixed by Simon Callahan

Mastered at “The Thousand Caves” studios in Queens, NY February 2015
Mastered by Colin Marston

Artwork and Design by Niklas Sundin
Layout by Anthony Rouse

Additional vocals on “Wraith” courtesy of Davis Mullen
Additional vocals on “Misery of Ignorance” courtesy of Bill Calomiris

Samples and effects taken from
Composed by klangfabrik and hubertmichel
Obtained from
Licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution

Track 1 written by Anthony Rouse and Nick Rothe. Track 3 written by Anthony Rouse and Bobby Lute. Track 2 written by Anthony Rouse with additional contributions from Jamie Barnes. Tracks 4 and 5 written by Anthony Rouse.

Track 6 is a re-recording of 'Monody for Artemis'. Originally written by Bobby Lute. Leads written by Brian Frost and Anthony Rouse.

All bass parts written by Nick Rothe. Leads written and performed by Brian Frost and Anthony Rouse. All lyrics by Marcus Lawrence.

Inspired by the 1895 novel “The King in Yellow” by Robert W. Chambers.

Produced by Simon Callahan and Grethor

Grethor is:

Marcus Lawrence - Vocals
Anthony Rouse - Drums
Nick Rothe - Bass
Michael Lewis - Guitar
Brian Frost - Guitar



all rights reserved


Grethor Northern, Virginia

Black/death metal from Northern Virginia. Founded in 2007.

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Track Name: Wraith
Staring in solitude
Down a deep, dark hallway
Moving without sound
Casting not even a shadow
A revenant of the living
Amongst the souls of the unhallowed
An undone wraith to
Contaminate the world of perfection
Such melancholy that lacks
The stride of direction
Communicated, imperfect thoughts,
To bring the plague of infection
A soul that is never satisfied
Consumed by emptiness
Never to be completed,
Sabotaged by pettiness
His hunger fed by disillusionment,
And unraveled by transgression
In a shelter for the dead
Surrounded by his possessions
This is what it is to be undead
This the fate of an altered soul
To wither in consumption
And need to control
The dead do not haunt us
Unto this world unforgiving,
We are possessed by our own devils,
And haunted by the living.
Mourning for a loss
That had never materialized
Clinging to a lie
Never actually realized
Mourning for a time that never was,
Living on graves
Reaching for the word of he
Who never was.
Track Name: Misery of Ignorance
Solemnity denied
As he who knows least, screams the loudest
What he desires most, he
Simply takes without request
But there is nothing he wants more than an
Absolved death
He hates his own nature
More than he despises what
He cannot comprehend
He Enables his own subservience
And wishes his misery upon us all
There is nothing more destructive
Than human ignorance
There are no longer excuses
For he who proclaims it innocence
As they fill the world with more,
Feeding upon resources of
That which they destroy and deny
He envies the idiot
He rapes the very soul
Of the mother that suckles him
He forsakes all who show him
A far better way
Behold his virtue, his power,
The futility of his existence
I will deny his claim,
As he marches to the grave
Perhaps I don't loathe myself
Enough to want to be saved.
Track Name: Somnia Malum Infinitum
To view the world from
The inside of a glass coffin
Is worse than a gilded cage
So to speak lamentations so often
Heard from an exiled sage
The clouds swirl around the
Diminishing, dimming sun
We seek the collective solace
In the eternal dusk
The trees are barren as the cold, hard ground
Facing out the swirling sky
And reaching for the goddess
We are what we project ourselves to be
Perhaps we were betrayed by our reflections
And crippled by reality
Sleep becomes as unreachable
As the secrets within dreams
Driven mad by the endlessness
That it is never as it seems
Is this all that is left
Each corrupted by our own mortality?
Dimming like the starlight
Is death but a formality?
Entering through the portals of
Hints and ancient innuendo
Into the next doorway
As death rattles to a crescendo
Lucid dreams and meditations
To light a torch and speak
To those who tread upon this road
Of transformation that we seek
Track Name: Hemispheres Decaying
One can save only
That which desires salvation
From the chaos of endless cries
For the baseless interpretations
To call out to the voices from beyond
Those who only spit in your face
Never released from their bonds,
One who never feels released
From that which they are doomed to repeat
Insanity likes in the repetition
To wallow in its own creation
Grasping the infinity of madness
And to embrace this massive fixation
He who has chosen advice
Given to the wisdom of his experience
He who grasps its meaning
Will break a cycle of dependence
There is but one way no
To create a world anew
The life that we know to be
Imprisoned in world that we create
But to imprison others within it
Is beyond merely selfish and cruel
Trapped in the thrall of the insipid
Track Name: Organic Tomb
Each pay homage
And attention to their sage
Each an in actor
In the final act of an age
The madness of each word
Spoken in an unwitting conjuration
As all who who bear witness
And insuring their own damnation
Slipping into the portals
Through the trance of sleep
Into the pit of night
A hole in the universe
And devoid of all light
The Black Stars rise in a black sky
Yet all can still gaze upon
A throne adorned in rotting bones,
A man sits, his face obscured
It is a farce among thrones
In tattered robes of yellow
He is beginning a parade of torment
Tortured by the knowledge that time
Is but an endless circle of regret
Of sadness, of empty promises,
Delineated by the boundaries undefined
Pray for the end, he feeds on your agony
For any god worth his salt
Shall kill you with irony
Speak only in reverence
When you utter his name
A land of endlessness
And inevitability
You shall never be heard from again
As you fade slowly into obscurity.
Track Name: Monody for Artemis 2015 (Bonus Track)
She is peering through the bright
Clouds of night, and through
The skeletons of trees
The stars are brighter under
The winter skies, as
I feel the goddess calling me home
This composed nocturne in tribute
As she arrests any fear of any
Fears of the unknown
In darkness she is known for
Intolerable cruelty,
Hers is a light upon
Such a cold wasteland
As I have haunted it for too long,
I am often reminded of the power of
Such a goddess
Sins of past remembrance
All commited in her vast presence
The glow of such faces
As she looks down upon her throne
A goddess of knowledge
A goddess of illumination
A goddess of time
A goddess of utter devourment
She engulfs us all in rapture
Of cold under the stars
As the beast are carried away
They shall worship in her embrace
To feel such a cold touch upon
Oceans of snow,
The exhilaration of limitless wrath
Reserved for such faint of spirit